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If you ask me what my very favourite thing is I would not hesitate to say my family. I came into motherhood quite late on, and was immediately overwhelmed with how amazing it is. Now I would like nothing more than to be a Domestic Goddess, and surround my family in love, good food, beautiful things and lots of happy memories. And like the majority of families these days, we need to do it on a budget!

I firmly believe we all have a little bit of the Domestic Goddess inside us, just waiting to break out. Whether that is knowing how to make a roast chicken feed a family of 4 for a week, being able to make, repair or recycle clothes, hunting down a bargain, or simply turning everyday, simple things into pretty or useful items, with a little bit of imagination we can all dip in to the Goddess inside and make our lives that little bit more interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing my (challenging) journey into Domestic Goddessness!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A very clever lady :)

Not me, I have to say! But my very good friend Angela.  The beautiful boy is admittedly made by me (guess that makes me a bit clever, eh?!) But the changing mat he's lying on was made by Angela as a present for Caelan for his baptism yesterday.  I love it!
I have to admit that this time round I've really not bothered with a changing mat. I tend to use a muslin or towel on the floor (third baby syndrome. .. how many of you double/triple mummies have done the same??) I always carry muslins as they really are the most useful tool in a mummy's arsenal, fab for so many uses, I've even made makeshift sunhats out of them! But since I have frequently had to change one child or other on a cold toilet floor having a nice padded changing mat will probably be a relief for little bums!
Angela also made the cake, and I was thrilled with that too! I just want to say thank you again, you're a very clever sausage :)

Continuing the mummy theme I have recently started a  breastfeeding helper course with BFN/Homestart which I am enjoying very much. For those who know me this will not come as any great surprise as I am definitely 'pro boobs' Formula milk has it's place for those who can't/don't want to breastfeed but I don't think enough is done to support mums-to-be to make an informed choice about how they feed their babies or support them to actually do it successfully.  I am looking forward to being able to play a little part in changing that and hopefully attitudes towards breastfeeding will change in the future.  It's really been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I will be quite sad when Caelan decides he doesn't want boob anymore.  Maybe helping other mums might make that a little bit easier.
I'm linking up with Wendy at  Handmade Harbour  for Handmade Monday even though I'm cheating and didn't make anything this week (except the food for Caelan's baptism! ) and when I get chance I'll be having a wander over myself.
Have a great week. Til next time!


Lucy Blossom said...

You are so lucky to have such a great crafty friend - and your little boy looks adorable too.

Natalie Jones said...

Love the mat! The fabric is wonderful. It's amazing what you can do (specifically what you can do WITHOUT) third time around......

CPC Wedding Stationery said...

He is such a gorgeous boy and his changing mat is lovely. What a scrummy cake - your friend Angela is very talented. I have been following your recent posts on Facebook and hope you are all feeling much better now and the colds have gone. Hope you have a good week.

Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

Ali said...

Your son looks thrilled with his changing mat. What a talented friend, a gorgeous cake as well. It sounds like your advice is going to be very useful to lots of Mums.
Ali x

CatkinJane said...

I love the idea of the pockets on the changing mat :)

Anonymous said...

That cake looks amazing. I hope you had a very enjoyable day. x

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

What a lovely friend you have. So glad you are supporting breast feeding. It really is best for Mum and baby but does take a bit of work. Vaseline applied to tender parts a month before due date will work wonders. Yes every day massage loads in. Never had a sore bit and I fed my two for 9 and 18 months.

Fiona Turner said...

Angela really did a great job on both Helen - a lovely day all round

Fiona Turner said...

Angela really did a great job on both Helen - a lovely day all round

Picto said...

What lovely gifts. The pockets in the changing mat are great, they certainly stop things from rolling away when trying to change a wriggly baby :)

Jan x

Helen said...

Thanks for the comments :)
Yes the changing mat is great, not sure how i have managed so long without something like it actually :)
And i'll let you know how the breastfeeding journey goes on!
Thanks again x