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If you ask me what my very favourite thing is I would not hesitate to say my family. I came into motherhood quite late on, and was immediately overwhelmed with how amazing it is. Now I would like nothing more than to be a Domestic Goddess, and surround my family in love, good food, beautiful things and lots of happy memories. And like the majority of families these days, we need to do it on a budget!

I firmly believe we all have a little bit of the Domestic Goddess inside us, just waiting to break out. Whether that is knowing how to make a roast chicken feed a family of 4 for a week, being able to make, repair or recycle clothes, hunting down a bargain, or simply turning everyday, simple things into pretty or useful items, with a little bit of imagination we can all dip in to the Goddess inside and make our lives that little bit more interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing my (challenging) journey into Domestic Goddessness!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Epic Parenting fail!

Well, not exactly. That's a bit dramatic, really. Though I have to be honest and say that recently my Domestic Goddess training has slipped quite a bit. Not sure where time has gone. In a few short weeks it will be Christmas, and then I will be back at work. Not looking forward to leaving my babies behind one little bit!

Tomorrow my big girl will be 5. Not sure how that happened! It seems like only yesterday I was cradling her in my arms after a very long night, and now she is big enough to be at school, and have a little bit of independence. I guess it won't be long until she has a lot more independence, living away from me and living her own life. How quickly they grow up!

So maybe you'd like to see her birthday cake? Just a sneak preview then....


Ok, I'm not actually telling the truth there. That was supposed to be her cake. It's in the Disney Cake and Sweets magazine, and I thought it would be a nice surprise for her, since she loves fairies and Tinkerbell in particular.

It didn't happen. Not entirely my fault, as she decided she wanted a Moshi Monster cake instead. So I am afraid to say I took the easy way out, and bought it from the supermarket. Still, she will be happy when she sees it, and that's all that matters....right?
I've been preparing for Christmas this week as I'm sure you all have been doing too. I have been asked to make the cards for St Michael's brass band  again, so Supplies have been purchased and I will be making those as soon as my ribbon arrives. I've also been preparing for the arrival of a little visitor, our little Christmas Elf, Violet. We are hoping that she will bring the fairies with her when she arrives on the 1st December and they put the decorations up for us, to save us the job. We have some new Christmas decorations from the lovely Jem at Jam Dalory, some personalised ones for our our little family of five is complete. Some photos to follow...but she has some lovely designs so take a look.
Of course I'm linking up with Wendy at Handmade Harbour  (even though I haven't got a make this week to showcase....but I still would like you to take a stroll over there to see what's been happening!) Hopefully I'll get the chance to update on my One in the Oven blog this week...
Have a great week
Til next time!