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If you ask me what my very favourite thing is I would not hesitate to say my family. I came into motherhood quite late on, and was immediately overwhelmed with how amazing it is. Now I would like nothing more than to be a Domestic Goddess, and surround my family in love, good food, beautiful things and lots of happy memories. And like the majority of families these days, we need to do it on a budget!

I firmly believe we all have a little bit of the Domestic Goddess inside us, just waiting to break out. Whether that is knowing how to make a roast chicken feed a family of 4 for a week, being able to make, repair or recycle clothes, hunting down a bargain, or simply turning everyday, simple things into pretty or useful items, with a little bit of imagination we can all dip in to the Goddess inside and make our lives that little bit more interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing my (challenging) journey into Domestic Goddessness!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Handmade Monday

I had hoped to have at least 1 finished project to show for this week's Handmade Monday but it seems to have been a very busy weekend with not a lot achieved.
We have done no baking over the weekend, and although I had planned to celebrate National Cupcake Week with lots of, well, cupcakes of course, I am not so sure many will be made. This is not anything to do with a full to overflowing diary packed with activities to keep me and the girls occupied all week, as much as I would like to say it is. More to do with complete lack of planning and not actually buying anything from the supermarket to bake with! I will have to see if we can fit in a little trip-with shopping list of course! - so that we can enter into the spirit of things and make some cupcakes. (Not really sure half a packet of marge, a bit of flour and a few eggs will make a tasty cupcake really, not on it's own at least!)

On a slightly more positive note my Refuge comfort blanket is starting to take shape at last! Ok, ok that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I have now completed 2 squares woop woop! One is knitted and the other crocheted and those who are familiar with both yarn skills will not be surprised to learn that I completed the crochet square in a couple of hours, instead of the couple of nights it took me to do the knitted one. Of course it doesn't help that I can only get to them at night when the kids are in bed. So I am considering making it at least part crochet in the hope that I can make it faster. I have found a website dedicated to crochet patterns for 6in squares too, mostly in American but you can't have everything.

The knitted heart square

The crocheted square

Two down, 61 to go!

That's all for today. Don't forget to have a look at Handmade Monday, and if you want to chat to fellow crafters, have a wander over to the Handmade by Me forum, the link is in my sidebar.
Til next time!


Caroline Nash said...

Well done on what you have achieved so far, you will get there


You will soon finish the other 61 - these are a great start.


Your Friend Susie said...

Sixty one! Wow, quite a project! But beautiful.

Ros Made Me said...

Brilliant start to your blanket, just think how much the recipient will love and treasure it!

cj - Curious Cat Creative said...

Oooh love that purple, the little hearts a sweet too. Going to be a lot of work, but worth the effort I think :)

Wendy said...

Excellent that you've made a start. Think how great it'll be to look back at this post when you have the finished blanket!

Pickle Lily said...

A great start! I often have weeks where lots gets started, family or life intervenes and by the end of the week you feel that you haven't achieved anything! But then you finish everything off and you've had a great week!
Jo x