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If you ask me what my very favourite thing is I would not hesitate to say my family. I came into motherhood quite late on, and was immediately overwhelmed with how amazing it is. Now I would like nothing more than to be a Domestic Goddess, and surround my family in love, good food, beautiful things and lots of happy memories. And like the majority of families these days, we need to do it on a budget!

I firmly believe we all have a little bit of the Domestic Goddess inside us, just waiting to break out. Whether that is knowing how to make a roast chicken feed a family of 4 for a week, being able to make, repair or recycle clothes, hunting down a bargain, or simply turning everyday, simple things into pretty or useful items, with a little bit of imagination we can all dip in to the Goddess inside and make our lives that little bit more interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing my (challenging) journey into Domestic Goddessness!

Monday, January 23, 2012

So the adventure begins...

Morning everyone, how has Monday come around again so quickly? It feels like the weekend was over in a blink!
Once again Wendy is hosting Handmade Monday over on her blog, and I will be joining her of course. It's lovely to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to over the week.

Last week there was a little bit of interest in my phone's retro camera app. I really enjoy using it and have taken loads of pictures with it now. Here are a couple for those who asked!

And of course my new logo at the top of the page was taken using the app too!

It has been a busy week here. I have now officially set up my Facebook page and my Folksy shop (although I have yet to add any stock to it) and I am fulfilling some orders for baby hats, which I posted up on my Facebook page. I had a change of heart halfway through making some and have changed the yarn. Initially I was using a chunky wool but now feel that aran gives a much softer, lighter feel for the smaller hats. I will still use the chunky for hats for bigger children though.

I'm hoping to get some more makes up on my Facebook page by the end of the week. I'm not planning on specialising in baby hats! I have got a few ideas and plans in motion to turn them into reality, when I get a spare five minutes that is! I really don't know how people find the time to turn handmade into a living, I tip my hat with the utmost respect to those who manage it!

Well that's all from me this week. Busy, busy day, especially if I want to find some time to catch up with all the other lovely crafty bloggers too!
Just before I go, just time to mention that Bath Bomb Creations have a linky party too from the 2 feb. try and pay them a visit...their link is in my sidebar!
Til next time!


Wendy said...

OHHH what a cute little hat - love it! Your retro photo app looks great, too.


Lovely pics Helen. Well done setting up your Facebook page and Folksy shop - hope they do really well. Have a good week.

Ros Made Me said...

Helen - love the new look of your blog, very clean and easy to navigate.

Congrats on all your prep work... will be good to see it all in action :)

Caroline Nash said...

You have been busy, the photos are great and sometimes you hit on something that works and those hats work

Kat Shenton said...

The hats are lovely. I know a couple having a baby later next year so I may be popping by for a buy at a later date!

Considered yourself followed on facebook.

The photos really set of the cute hat though :)

Jam Dalory said...

That photo app is really cool, the photos look great. The baby hat is super cute too. Best of luck with Facebook and Folksy. x

Ali said...

Great looking photos. Good luck with Facebook & Folksy, I just joined Twitter but haven't got to Facebook yet!

Love the baby hat.

Ali x

Your Friend Susie said...

I love that little hat, so cute. I hope you have good luck with your business. I admire people who do that! And I wish I lived in the UK, it seems like you all have such fun!

itsamistry said...

The photographs look fab and I like your new logo. Have liked your facebook page and will look out for more of your makes.

fatmonica said...

Good luck with the hats!

mcrafts said...

Loving the little hat Mich x

Picto said...

The photo's look great, I've been playing around with a few settings on mine and finding loads of things I didn't realise I could do.
The little hat looks really sweet. Well done

Take care

Jan x